U of M Cancels American Sniper Screening: Statement from YAF


U of M Cancels American Sniper Screening: Statement from YAF

ANN ARBOR, MI - On Tuesday, the University of Michigan Center for Campus Involvement canceled a screening of American Sniper set for this Friday after petitions from the Muslim Student Association (MSA) on campus ( Today, Derek Draplin, Editor in Chief of the Michigan Review, who broke this story and Grant Strobl, Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at the University of Michigan, are issuing a statement regarding this decision.

“The only place the MSA is getting their presuppositions from is propaganda, rather than the content of this film. This film is about the grime face of war that has sent so many veterans home with mental damage that their families must deal with,” says Derek Draplin, Editor in Chief of the Michigan Review. “It is about an American Hero who gave everything to serve his country and protect our freedoms. The MSA is subverting reality by claiming otherwise.”

"It is deplorable that the University of Michigan would even consider the complaint submitted to them by the MSA let alone cave to their demands, due to its abhorrently offensive attitude towards a war hero who they label as a ‘murderer.’ I speak for many students when I say that having an organization that would say such things on our campus is what fosters a hostile campus environment, not a film featuring the story of a decorated war hero," Grant Strobl said.

He continued, “We are calling on the University of Michigan to act quickly to overturn this decision and proudly show the film American Sniper. This is not a political issue, or an issue of racism and bigotry as claimed so ridiculously by the MSA and legitimized by the University's actions. This is about doing what is right, respecting our men and women in uniform, and honoring our heroes who fight to protect our freedoms and secure them for people around the world.”

Young Americans for Freedom is a student group at the University of Michigan that advocates for the conservative ideas of free enterprise, limited government and a strong national defense.

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