* = U-M Alum

Ben Shapiro

Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire,

Political Commentator

Buzz Patterson

Carrier of the "Nuclear Football" for President Clinton

Best-Selling Author

Larry Elder*

Former California gubernatorial candidate,

Political Commentator and Radio Host

Liz Wheeler

Host of the Liz Wheeler Show,

Political Commentator

Dinesh D'Souza

Bestselling Author & Filmmaker 


Bill Ayers* (Debating Dinesh D'Souza)

Professor, Co-Founder of Weather Underground

Raheel Raza

President, The Council of Muslims Facing Tomorrow

Tom Price* (GA)

Former Secretary, Health and Human Services

Deroy Murdock

Fox News Contributor & Nationally Syndicated Columnist

Jonah Goldberg

Senior Editor of the National Review,

Author & Syndicated Columnist


Andrea Fischer Newman*

Regent, University of Michigan

 Jeff Sakwa

President, Defeat the Label


David Littmann*

Senior Economist, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Jay Nordlinger*

Senior editor, National Review


George Harbison*

Chief Financial Officer at Unitek Information Services, Inc.

David Horowitz

Founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center